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Welcome to GOD-Talk

A digital outreach-training resource for youth and youth leaders. It includes free online video content, and is purposed to see young people throughout our nation talking about the Christian faith again.

Two visions:

  • Vision #1: Personal outreach training taking place in every youth ministry in NZ every year
  • Vision #2: A student Christian group started in every secondary school in the nation to seek God as to how they might best represent Christ in their school (because Christians are called to make a difference!)


God-talk provides youth and youth leaders with 5 outreach-equipping videos annually, with discussion guides.

If youth leaders are not equipping their youth in this area — or do not know how, now they do! God-talk provides youth and youth leaders with 5 outreach-equipping videos per year, with discussion guides. Ongoing equipping and mobilising of young people is thus enabled.



12 leadership video-tutorials on building an outreaching culture, and facilitate some great outreaching programmes.

Youth leaders will be provided with 12 leadership-training video-tutorials (with discussion guides) on how to (i) build an outreaching culture, and (ii) how to attract crowds and facilitate some great programmes.

Coming in 2018


10 leadership-training video-tutorials with discussion guides on how to run an effective outreach group in your secondary school

Our hope is to create 10 leadership-training video-tutorials on how to run an effective group in their secondary school, to help believing students to represent Christ well to others in their school.

Coming in 2018

We believe the above three points are priority-needs for the benefit of the New Zealand Church as a whole. We identify them as distinct gaps in the work that currently exists. It is essential that our nation’s youth ministries know their mission, and are equipped to serve it.

But what happens next is where this could become exciting…

National network and training

20 years ago school groups were networked in Taranaki.  Students in them were released on a school day each year to meet. They received practical and inspirational teaching on how they might best represent God in their schools. 20 years later  – it’s called Fusion, and it’s still going! Networking lifts the game. Ideas and stories get shared. As youth and youth leaders see that they are part of something bigger, momentum builds!

Our hope is that a national network will exist within a very short space of time – with great results. See the godtalk network page for more details.


If you’re a youth pastor/leader in your church, or a youth wanting to get equipped, or learn more about how to run a schools group, then sign up for our FREE E-UPDATES that will inspire, while giving you fresh stories and ideas, and even more new resources!