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Regional Representatives

Godtalk Regional Reps exist to do two things: (1) to encourage all local youth leaders annually to embrace the two visions (see below), and (2) to connect people to one-another when needed, so people can work together.

Vision #1: 

Outreach equipping in every youth ministry, every year

— The equipping videos (with discussion guides) at are created to help this be easily achieved.

Vision #2:

A student Christian group started in every secondary school, to seek God together as to how they might best represent him in that school

— The school groups videos (yet to be created) at will help new groups to clarify their vision and approach, while linking them to a range of great support-resources from a range of places. However, Dave Mann’s 2017 presentations to youth and youth leaders in 60 cities and towns has been loved!

A network:

Through networking, everyone is enbled to be more effective

— The godtalk network will become a platform across which vision support, encouragement, tools and resources will pass. E.g. A school group wants a training day so they contact the rep, who connects with with 3 other school groups – and via other reps to another 3 school groups within a one hour drive. An equipping day with 200 students results.

For example

In Taranaki the Christian school groups have been meeting annually for 20 years now — and on a school day!  It’s called Fusion — and the training and inspiration given through it each year has made a difference!

For more information contact Dave or any other team member at

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